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Video of the reenactment in the Old South Meeting House

This video shows a fragment of the Boston Tea Party re-enactment that took place in Boston. The exact moment captured in the film is the final minutes of the gathering that took place in the Old South Meeting House.

The historic meeting was the last one in the series of protests assembled by Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty during the standoff between the patriots who wanted the tea to be shipped back to England and the Governor of Massachusetts who ordered to unload the tea in Boston. The final act of the drama took place when the Governor rejected the last plea made by Capitan Rotch to allow his ship to return the tea back to England. The video shows the final resolution vote by the crowd assembled in the Old South Meeting House. Shortly thereafter a secret signal was given by Adams to begin the protest by saying “This meeting can do nothing more to save the country” and a group of “Indians” rushed to the Griffin’s Wharf starting the famous destruction of tea in Boston Harbor.



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