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The Exact Location of the Boston Tea Party

Because the modern landscape of downtown Boston has changed so much over the years due to massive landfill projects, the exact location of the Boston Tea Party is still being disputed. By comparing the known accounts of the event, historical Boston maps, the most probable location of the protest is believed to be the old Griffin’s Wharf that unfortunately no longer exists. It has been removed from the map of downtown Boston more than a century ago during large-scale landfill projects. The nearest modern wharf is now the Independence Wharf, 470 Atlantic Ave. The official marker is located on the corner of Congress and Purchase streets, just few blocks up from the museum.

Directions in Boston: Take the Red Line or Commuter Rail to South Station. Proceed down Atlantic Ave. to 470 Atlantic Ave.

The memorial plaque that marks the exact location of the protest will not provide much inspiration for a history buff, but there are other Boston Tea Party landmarks in and around Boston that may prove more interesting.

Griffin's Wharf

Griffin's Wharf



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