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Debate Arguments for English side

If you have a debate at school and you are on the English men’s side you will need some good arguments to defend them. Here are some ideas found on Yahoo Answers.

You could argue that the East India Tea Company worked just like Starbucks coming in next to the local coffee shop in your town. The locals can't keep up because it is the State that gives out massive tax breaks to corporations. Back in 1773, the US was British investment, how could you blame the British for clamping down on locals trying to undercut their profits? They invested the capital, they owned the ships, they provided the means for the settlers to come to the New World. Colonists dumped tea in Boston Harbor rather than pay taxes to England, that is illegal under the laws at the time, period

The English were a lot like our soldiers in Iraq. They were just doing the job that their government told them to do. The Americans who partincipated in the Boston Tea Party were terrorists, not doing what the king told them to do.

Other argument against colonists

  • Destruction of private property that hurts small business in the area.

  • They attempted to frame Native Americans with their disguises.

  • They polluted the water in which Locals fish in.

  • They have not fulfilled their responsibility to pay England back from defending them against the French and Indians.

  • Are traitors for not paying the taxes which as territory of England is treason.

  • Traitors to the crown who protects them.

  • They don't support the troops but instead arming themselves.



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