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The Boston Tea Party Historical Society is a non-profit educational and cultural organization established to preserve and share the Tea Party history. The Society collects and tells the story of the B.T.P. through an interactive website and publishing. We also occasionally debunk popular myths about the famous destruction of tea in Boston Harbor.

We hope to engage the public with the excitement of discovery, inspire people with new perspectives on the past, and illuminate the relevance of history in our lives today.

Why did we create a website dedicated only to the Tea Party? It is simple – in our opinion no other event symbolizes the Revolution so well.

The members of our group are passionate about the entire period of American War for Independence. When the idea of this project was just being conceived, we wanted to find an event that truly represented this time in history. And so the tribute was born to the Boston Tea Party, the “point of no return” of the American Revolution.

We hope you enjoy exploring with us the history of America’s most famous protest. With question or suggestions please contact us at:

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