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Few people realize that when the tea went overboard in Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773, the War for Independence of the American colonies from England was actually beginning.

The Boston Tea Party aroused the anger of the stubborn George the III, who exclaimed, “Those must decide the guilty rebels are to be force into submission!”. Ignoring the advise of the moderates in Parliament who realized that the heavy-handed approach to the colonies will only make the matters worse, he directed that even stronger measure be taken. The following year the port of Boston was closed to all commerce. Changes were also made in the government of Massachusetts which practically put the colony under the direct control of the King. British troops were sent in and took control over the colony.

The results of these evens where the mobilization on the part of the colonists and the formation of the Continental Congress to attempt a peaceful reconciliation with the King. But as events unfolded it became clear that it was an abstinent proud King who refused to change with the times and was completely inflexible with regard to his Royal privileges who would force them into either complete submission on open rebellion.

By the spring of 1775 Massachusetts was practically an open rebellion. Every village green was a drill ground, every church a town arsenal. General Gage occupied Boston with 3000 British regulars. On April 18, 1775 he dispatched troops to capture the arms stored by the Colonists in Concord…

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