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Boston Tea Party Play Script - Act III

At curtain rise: It is nighttime and the stage is in semi-darkness. The backdrop is the harbor scene. There is a platform running the length of the stage that represents the deck of this ship. There are several chests or large boxes filled with tea on the platform. The boxes may or may not have small dried leaves or bits of town paper in them. A railing marks the edge of the deck, and a tall mast and rigging may be in the center.

Narrator: Two disguised Mohawks sneak about the wharf looking from left to right, then jump over the rail and board the ship. They approach the boxes of tea stacked in the corner. One of the men grabs a box and passes it to his companion.

First Disguised Mohawk: Heave ho!

Narrator: The second disguised Mohawk opens the box with his ax and empties the contents over the rail.

Second Disguised Mohawk: And over she goes!

Narrator: The disguised Mohawks work as a team. One passes a box of tea to the other, who opens it and empties the contents over the rail.

Both Disguised Mohawks: And over she goes!

Narrator: The boatswain's whistle is heard again as groups of people assemble to see what is taking

place. As each box is dumped into the harbor, the people cheer loudly. Box after box of tea is dumped overboard, and the disguised Mohawks then jump over the rail. In high spirits, they place their axes over their shoulders and march away to the tune "Yankee Doodle." The spectators follow, knowing that the Boston Tea Party is only the beginning of their efforts to establish a free and independent nation.

[Curtain closes.]

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