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Boston Tea Party Play Script - Act II

Curtain rises on the interior of the Old Meeting House. There is a table with a candle on it and chairs.

Narrator: Several men are grouped around Samuel Adams. Angry voices sound throughout the room.

Suddenly Francis Rotch, a shipowner, enters. All look to him for news.

Rotch: Gentlemen, as you suggested, I spoke to the Governor about a clearance to sail my ship back to England with the tea.

Adams: What was his reply?

Rotch: The Governor firmly refused. The ships will be unloaded in the morning.

Narrator: Excited and angry voices are heard throughout the group. Samuel Adams stands on a chair and signals for quiet. He tries to restore order.

[One spectator is heard shouting, then another.]

First Spectator: Who knows how tea will mingle with salt water?

Second Spectator: Boston Harbor will be a teapot tonight! The Mohawks will come!

Narrator: They all exit shaking their fists, shouting angrily, and repeating the refrain.

[Curtain closes.]



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