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Amos Lincoln

... successively married two daughters of Paul Revere

Amos Lincoln (1753-1829) participated in the Boston Tea party when he was 20 years old. At that time he was an apprentice to Thomas Crafts who also participated in the Boston tea party. During the Revolutionary War Mr. Lincoln became a Lt. Colonel in the Massachusetts State Artillery regiment also known as the Train, under the command of the same Thomas Crafts. Paul Revere also served in the regiment.

Mr. Lincoln served against Shay’s Rebellion and was in charge on building the State House.

He married successively two daughters of Paul Revere, Deborah, Revere’s daughter by his first marriage who was born in 1758 and they had 9 children. After she died in January 1797, he married Elizabeth, Revere’s daughter by his second marriage. Amos Lincoln married her in May of 1797 and they had 55 children before she died in 1805, age 35.

All are likely buried at the Copps Burial Ground. Amos’s brother Jedidiah Lincoln, housewright, married Mary Revere, Elizabeths’s sister. The two brothers married two sisters, not uncommon in those times. He is buried at the Copps Hill Burial Ground, Lincoln Tomb No 7.

Amos Lincoln was the grandfather of Fredreric W. Lincoln the eighteenths mayor of Boston (1858–1866) what was the first person to publicly speak out about his ancestor’s participation in the Destruction of Tea in the Boston Harbor.

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