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Green Dragon Tavern

There is a well known pub in Boston, which goes all the way back to Colonial times. As most colonists did not read, the pub was marked by a copper sculpture of a dragon above the door. It did not take very long for the Boston climate to corrode the dragon a bright shade of green, so quickly that the pub's owners did not waste the effort to keep the dragon sculpture polished. The pub came to be popularly known as the "Green Dragon".

During the birth of our country, many of the founding fathers would gather at the Green Dragon to hoist a tankard of ale and invent a new nation, along with deciding if this was the week they got to dump some tea into yon harbor

Green Dragon Tavern is still located at:

11 Marshall St.
Boston ,
MA. 02109 U.S.A.
Tel:(617) 367-0055
Fax:(617) 367-4972



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